Quick: “What’s your competition up to?” (Ugh! Don’t you just hate that question?) But if the past two years have shown us anything about marketing and advertising – it’s that the global (and now, local) marketplace is more crowded…more competitive than ever!

Whether you sell a product, a service, or both – brilliant brand imaging is essential in today’s ultra-visual, hyped-on-social media environment. That’s because “people buy with their eyes,” first. So, it’s not just about ‘product and price.’ It’s about ‘image.’ Image is everything. Think about the most inspiring, most-memorable ads, commercial websites, and social media posts you remember from the past year. What sets them apart? Visual image. And, brand storytelling!

Toronto restaurant lifestyle social media photography

Speaking of…if you’ve clicked on a marketing blog or podcast lately, you’ve probably read and heard a lot of buzz about ‘storytelling.’ Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s just a gimmick-phrase. Nope. Turns out, businesses have been using storytelling to attract customers for a long time – 3,500 years or so. Merchants, artisans, and craftsmen in ancient Egypt’s Nile Delta used signage (that era’s form of social media) to attract customers. And that signage – that ‘brand imagery’ – was/is a form of storytelling: linking intentional imagery to a business’ brand in such a way that customers immediately get an idea of the kind (and quality) of goods or services being offered…all in a visual-first context.

History lesson aside, that’s exactly what modern marketing storytelling is all about. And that’s where we come in. At February Company – Toronto’s leading brand-image studio – we’re obsessed with storytelling. Every day, you’ll find us creating brilliant photo and video content for visionary global clients who know the importance of elevated brand imagery to create engaging customer experiences and increased sales. Huh? Make more money.

Toronto Canada E-commerce brand photography  for beauty brands

We excel at visual storytelling because we’re marketers, first…then, ‘creatives.’ We take a big-picture, targeted-results approach to creating still imagery that moves people – and moving imagery that moves people to act: connect, click, and buy. ‘Pretty pictures?’ That’s all well and good. But we believe in the power of images to educate and motivate customers in ways that are secondary (and, sometimes, even subtle) to the emotional connection made by spectacular photography and video –  and an instant’s first impression.

This ‘intentional visual’ way of approaching creative branding has served us – and our clients – well…with February Company now collaborating with emerging brands from all over the world. But, hey, just because we’ve gone ‘global,’ we haven’t forgotten that our success started – and stays – right here in Toronto! 

Lifestyle restaurant food and drink photographer - social media photography for restaurants

So, if your local brand is ready to crush the competition, we’re ready to rock your vision – with our legendary concept/photo/video/styling suite of award-winning creative services – still based at our famous, funky, former-toy-factory design studio with its warm, Earth-inspired vibe and impressive natural-light from our 8-foot-high, west-facing windows. Simply breathtaking!

Check out our website’s home page: February Company. (If our online gallery doesn’t make you say “Damn!” – then you need a new monitor!) Then, go ahead and pick up the phone, dial-us-up at (647) 200-9920, and let’s chat. Let’s just jam – and see where all this leads.

(Note: We style and shoot everything…everywhere. But we’re especially into local restaurants, e-commerce brands, hotels, and cannabis companies.)