Getting there, What to Wear & How to prepare.

Your personal brand shoot is THE most important photo session. Ever.

Remember ‘headshots?’ Boring! Passé. And – in an entrepreneurial landscape where “you are your brand” – yesterday’s headshot is as stale as its pose.

As a female entrepreneur/solopreneur, you already know the importance of ‘the brand.’ Your brand. So, you know that your representation in promotional materials, on your website, and on social media is the relationship-building ‘connect point’ that bonds your customers to your brand and its products and services. (Think: trust.)

Female Entrepreneur Headshot Photography Toronto - Janvier Mukama

Female solopreneur business headshot photographer toronto - Adelaide Event Planner

There’s a lot riding on your photo session…your ‘personal brand shoot’ – and it’s totally understandable how even the most confident of us can get a case of the jitters when it comes to a magazine-quality, professional photoshoot – the kind we’re famous for, here at Toronto’s February Company brand marketing and photography studio.

To help set your mind (and body) at ease, we’ve prepared a few tips to help you make the most – and get the most – out of your upcoming personal brand shoot:

It all starts with booking a photographer you ‘vibe’ with. Take your time looking over their portfolio. Make sure you’re as much into their aesthetic, as you are their services. Once you’ve got confidence in their abilities, you’ll have equal confidence in your ‘performance’ on the day of your shoot.

Next, think about the ‘look’ you want to project. Be authentic! Plan to bring several wardrobe (and even props) options that truly reflect you as a professional…but always as a person, first. 

(Hint: Talk this over with your photographer as you’re getting to know them. Get their input, both creatively and corporately.)

And, here’s a great tip (from experience): We absolutely recommend getting your hair and makeup done professionally (we can arrange both, with our fabulous Toronto-based hair and makeup stylists). When you look and feel your best, it shows on camera! We find that women who feel more confident totally rock their session! And, hey, a professional brand shoot isn’t something you do very often – so girl, treat-yo-self! 

Professional headshot photography Toronto - Maxine McDonald - Media Profile PR

We’re super organized. But…we also love to ‘go with the flow.’ We like to do a mix of traditional shots (because everyone needs them…think LinkedIn) – and documentary, lifestyle shots with an editorial aesthetic. Basically, that means we capture people as naturally as possible – with the end photos having a high aesthetic. (Think Vogue’s celebrity lifestyle features!) We capture images that look like they should be in a magazine spread. And, who knows, maybe they will!

Derek Drapala Event Planner and Sales at Berkeley Events - Male Corporate Headshot

At February Company, we’d love to collaborate on your upcoming shoot. We’re expert planners, ‘masters of detail’ – but we’re also super laid-back, especially when shooting. (We find it helps our clients feel more comfortable, relaxed, and natural.) So, even if you’re the type of person who is “shy on camera” – you’ll be fine. And…trust us…you’ll have a blast!

To get your personal brand shoot started, just check out our website’s home page: February Company. Then, go ahead and pick up the phone, dial-us-up at (647) 200-9920, and let’s chat.